Mobile Banking Theft

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In today world of technology all services are provided in your hands means in your Smart Phones . Through your Smart Phone you can do anything like shopping , surfing on internet , studying and also banking transaction .BUT IS THIS SECURED TO DO BAKING TRANSACTION FROM MOBILE DEVICES ?

  YES if you know how to be protected while using Mobile Banking.
Take a look at these 10 simple guidelines that you can practice as mobile banking user to drastically reduce your chances of joining the ranks of the almost 12 million Americans that have experienced mobile banking fraud....

Why hackers Don't have Girlfriend..

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This Error 404 happens most in case of hacker's. Now i am going to tell you Why Hacker's Don't Have Girlfriend. Reason as follows :- 

1 . Because The time you were partying , we were busy in Hacking.

2 . The time you were playing , we were busy  in Hacking. 

3 . The time you were dating, we were busy in Hacking. 

4 . The time you were sleeping, we were busy in Hacking .

5 . Overall, the time you were living, we were busy in Hacking.

6 . We cant express ourselves face 2 face because the time you were interacting , we were busy in Hacking.

So Respect Hackers
                                                       - Answer  by one Hacker 

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SSC Result Here

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SSC Result 2014

Finally  according to MSBSHSE result of SSC  will  declared today
at 1.00 pm .to check this result go to following site:-


Movies for Hackers

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Top 3 Movies For Hacker

last night i saw a movie name Hackers and i got motivated that what hacker can do in this movie 4 friends hacked the FBI bad guy system and beat him. 
so today i am going to share with you the most awesome movies that every hacker must watched...

1. Hackers – (1995)

A young boy is arrested by the US Secret service for  writing a Computer Virus and is banned from using a computer until his 18th
Birthday. and after that he help FBI to catch the FBI bad guy who try to hack govt. system. this is most awesome movie i saw.

2.The NET - (1995)

In this movie there is girl name angella benetha. she suddenly found one floppy disk in this disk there is Proof of case against some govt authorities.After that all his friends got killed and hacker hack her identity This movie based in Identity Theft . Second Most Awesome movie i saw.

3.Revolution OS– (2001)

This is another movie but this not movie this is Documentary on OS called LINUX .in this documentary there is covered all history regarding making of Linux /Unix and other OS in that period of Revolution....

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