Secure Emails From Hackers

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secure email from hackers
secure email from hackers
       Friends today i am going to share with you how you can secure email account from hackers. I hope you heard the news that pops over last week that one Russian Hackers hacked 4.93 million gmail password and leak that data it on internet
so from that i want to share this old tricks That provide by all Email Services but unknown from most of the user that service is called As 2-Step Verification .if you enable this service on your email then when you login in to email before you get access your mailbox there is one Computer generated code has been transfered to number that you registred with 2-step verification service then you have to enter that code to access your mail box if you dont have that code then no one can access you email accounts and your email become secure.

How To Activate This Service on G-Mail :-

1.First login to G-mail accounts
2. Simply Follow This link here to activate this service. on get started 
4.then click on start Setup will ask for your password again enter it and hit sign in enter the mobile number on which you want to receive code.
7.then click on send code you received code now enter that code in to field 
9.Now click on verify.
10. Uncheck the box and hit Next 
11. confirm And Done Enjoy
Now Your G-mail Account is secured from hackers.

This service Provide By All like Facebook ,Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple,PayPal for More click Here

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Share This Tricks to friends and enjoy.....

Aircel Balance Transfer

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Hi friends,
               today i am going to share how to transfer balance 
from one Aircel To another Aircel Number. Simply Follow Steps:
1.Dial *121# from Your Aircel sim.

2.Choose option 8 for balance Transfer.

3.Select Amt you want to transfer ex.5,10,15 etc..

4.Then Enter the Mobile From whom you want to send balance .

5.Confirm it.

6.Then Enjoy Your Balance Has been Transfer To that Number..

Thank You..

4.93 million Gmail password leaked by hacker

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gmail hacked by russian hackers

Russian hackers have leaked the email IDs and passwords 

of as many as 4.93 million Google accounts. The same 

Google account password is used across all Google 

products, such as Gmail, Drive, Plus, YouTube, Maps etc.

The account details have been posted on bitcoin forum by a user named Tvskit. On the forum, Tvskit has 

said that approximately 60% of the passwords are still active.

Google in a blog post, however, refuted the claim and said 

that only 2% of the passwords still work and also said that its 

automated anti-hijacking systems would have blocked many 

of the login attempts.

also check if your Email is leaked or not 

for checking your account in database.

thank god m safe

for security of your account go this link and secure your Google 

Account go here

Thanks ,

How To Record Screen Without Any Software

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hi guys 
              Today i am going to share with you how to record screen without any additional software like Camtasia and etc


1. Windows PC
2. VLC player Installed.
3.Follow Steps.

1. Open VLC Player.
2. Go to Media ->Open Captured Device 
2. press CTRL +C.
3. Choose captured Mode as Desktop.
4. Set frame rate as 10.00 f/s 
5. select convert or Press ALT +O.
6. choose destination file (means where you want to save file.).
7. From profile section choose file type like .mp4 , avi etc.
8. Hit Start .

 when you  use separate software for screen recording then file size is more for short video .
here file size is less for HD and Long videos also. 

If any doubt Let me know in comment...


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